Many people would probably question the motives of my pursuit in doing the things that I do, but I really don’t determine what I should do neither am I deterred from doing what I do by the questionable motives of those who question my motives. I think it is quite correct for me to assert that motives are fuel injections for motivation.

apostle-contemplatingThere are three virtuous and victorious factors that must be employed and embraced within my life in order for the fruit of my vineyard to produce the quality of wine that it is purposed to produce. Those factors are; holiness, health and help. Holiness: This is not some religious outer persona of appearance that is designed to impress the naïve. But I am challenged to live my life by the purified standards of the Word of God without compromise. My walk must match my talk and my heart must always remain honest in every way. Health: Being healthy is a key component to the longevity and quality of life that comes to those who desire it. What good is success if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it? Diet and exercise is the key to a healthy life, I have embraced both and are getting excellent results. Help: It is noteworthy to remember that none of us were born to exist alone and with out the help of trusted people. The success of a great leader is determined by the people who surround him.